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William blogs on all social comment issues.


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English voice overs for TV, radio and web productions.


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Travel, sailing, golf, outdoors, hunting and sports reporting. 


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Swedish to English 

Engelska - Svenska


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William Simons is an English freelance writer, copy writer, Swedish to English translator and voice over artist; who lives in Sweden and therfore has a unique take on life! From blogs, to comment, sailing and outdoor articles; William has delivered quality freelance writing, podcasts and voice overs all over the world.





William provides the following services.

Freelance writing

Translation from Swedish to English

Voice over work in English or Swedish

Article writing

Press releases


Freelance writing is about understanding both what the customer wants and what the reader needs.

Thanks to his 20 years in sales and marketing, William understands the needs from "both sides of the fence". By using SEO techniques and quality writing and translation services. He provides freelance services for web sites, newspapers and magazine articles. Being a freelance writer is a hobby, but needs to be approached professionally. Freelance writing is not about regurgitating text - but walking the tightrope of what the customer needs to be said and what and how the reader is going to read.

Swedish to English Translation

To be a good Swedish English translator you have to translate twice. Once from Swedish to English and then again translate that to how we "English" write. Anyone can translate a Swedish text, but not everyone can make it readable and entertaining. Being a Swedish translator means understanding both Swedish text writing English in a modern, natural way.

Video Scripts

William uses his open and friendly style to create scripts for video presentations for promotional or information purposes. He has worked on everything from promoting countries to Iphone applications. Contact him today to see how he can help drive your business forwards.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Making your website "findable" goes hand in hand with providing content. William uses the latest software to find keywords, promote and gain traffic to your site. He can advise you on layout, form and function, making the user interface a profitable experience for web site owners.



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• Voice over credits »

TV Åre

Nexo Producciones 

Städar London


• Writing credits »

Sailing Today

Artwork Åre

Executive Skiing

The Content Authority

Stockhom News

One Roof

The Local

Whisky Life & Spirits

Ski E-Guides



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• Script writing credits »

Norway TV

Alike Iphone App


• Swedish - English Translation»

Golf Games


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Shooting (qualified instructor)

Dog Training


Cross-country skiing



Financial analysis




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